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Pestbusters are the best exterminators in Johannesburg. With not only fumigation services for homes and businesses, getting rid of all unwated pest infestations, Pestbusters also offer santizatition services. With Covid-19, we need to take extra precautions by making sure disease and bacteria carrying pests stay away and also keep our homes and places of work clean as it helps us improve the health and security of those around us.


Rats and mice are not only a health hazard, bringing germs and dirt into your space, they can also be very dangerous as they can cause fires by chewing on electrical wires. Rodents can chew through almost everything including wood, plastic and mild steel.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found almost everywhere in your home from your bed to your wardrobe. Bed bugs can travel with you, while traveling you can unknowingly bring bed bugs with you home. These are insects that can enter your home undetected.


Ant infestations can be a real nuisance,they often track through some unhygienic places to get to your environment. Ants tend to find a way into all the crevice’s just to congregate on our food even though you keep a clean environment.

General Crawling Insects

From having six legs to having eight there are thousands of different species of insects and spiders. It is always a good sign to regularly check for egg nests as these can hold hundreds of eggs.


Cockroach infestations need to be exterminated as soon as possible. Cockroaches have been proven to cause many health diseases such as Salmonella and with cockroach droppings linked to eczema and childhood asthma.

Fish Moths

While Fish Moths do not cause any direct harm to you, they do have the potential to cause damage to your property. From books,wallpaper to even you clothes these little pests can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Soil Poisoning

Soil poisoning is one of the very first steps in the building process, this is a vital step in the preparation of a foundation when building. This is the ideal step to take to avoid subterranean termites for your future Home or Office.

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We do fumigation of shipping containers and wood for export according to ISPM requirements. We will keep your home safe and your shopping centers.

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